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Ron Trani Sr. It didn’t matter if you had initials after your name or even a home. He would treat you with dignity.

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  1. Wes Foster

    Not sure how this works …. I can honestly say I have nothing but great fun filled memories of the times Ron and I spent together.. Even when we hauled Hay for his Gran Dad or playing a little Basketball.. Or just eating and enjoying a beverage. I am sure his family has many more memories and I just want every one to know how MUCH he will be Missed. Many PRAYERS have and will be said in his name and memory.. And would like to tell my friend that I will see him again..

  2. Jim Nolting

    I have known Ron since high school, not as his coach, but later coaching his son, Ron Jr. Had his other children in class. As their Dad, they were a class like their Dad and Mom. He will be missed. God Bless you all.

  3. Ann Taylor Feuerstein

    My classmate and friend, I know you will be missed by all. I am praying for those you left behind.

  4. Susan Cook Hall

    So sorry to hear of your loss – such a fun person to be around. Thoughts and prayers to the whole family.

  5. Noah Geisel

    Below is from a letter of condolence written from Noah Geisel to Randall Trani.

    Hola brother,

    Just got a call from my folks telling me that Ron had passed. I’m so sorry and want you to know that I am praying for you and your family.

    A huge part of who I am and what I’ve done in my life was shaped and guided by your family. In high school, college and to this day, I always knew that I was welcome to drive out to Overton Road, that I needn’t call first to make sure you were there, that I was expected to park in the driveway, not on the street and to leave the keys in the ignition. I was told not to knock and to make myself at home and it was assumed that I had permission to wake up there in the morning if I needed to stay the night; no need to ask. Through our interactions and the generous, sharing way I saw them live, your family taught me what it meant to “be family” without necessarily being blood.

    Ron was the first adult in our parents’ generation who I got to know who had served in the military, something all of our grandparents had done but not all of our parents. I remember coming to your house and asking him endless questions about his service. He and Rita were also my first exposure to having close friendships with people of (VERY!) different political persuasion. So many of my friends say things like, “I could never be friends with a right-wing, Evangelical Christian.” I’m convinced that it’s because of Ron and Rita that I became the pragmatic person that I am today, that it is a perfectly sensible expectation to have sane chats with folks knowing ahead of time that there will not be agreement nor persuasion but rather a sincere meeting of the minds in an attempt to better understand one another. If every American had the luxury of spending a few hours in the kitchen with Ron and Rita while growing up, there’s not a doubt in my mind that our country would be a friendlier, more accepting and better place. Ron believed he had a duty to give everyone a chance, whether that meant allowing a sissy in glasses to do manual labor for him or inviting a drifter to sleep on the couch in his family’s living room. He showed through his way of living that he strongly believed in self-reliance but chose to extend his duty to ensuring that others could rely on him as well.

    There’s no doubt that as kind and loving as Ron was, he was also tough. While I was jealous that your dad encouraged you to be so adventurous and embrace risk-taking, I will always vividly recall your stories that made me realize I was too soft to grow up in that household. But not you, Randall. You thrived in that environment. You knew even as a teenager that you would be more like your parents than anyone realized. Even when they had to be driven crazy by the high school antics, you made your parents proud with your dedication to your studies, to God and to making the world a better place through your gestures, like greeting drivers with inspiring graffiti and making people smile through your piano performances, as well as your actions, like ALWAYS sticking up for what you believe in.

    I don’t even know how many years its been since the last time I joined you in Pueblo for a Trani BBQ, but I have a picture in my mind of Ron in the house he’d built out back, laying on the bed and looking for the first time more like a grandpa than a pa. He was surrounded by his grandchildren and clearly beside himself with joy and pride. There are so many good memories of Ron that I will remember and cherish but it’s this one that sticks out because of how happy he was. Your dad was a great man and will be missed.

    Pura vida,
    Noah Geisel

  6. Ed Martinez

    I am deeply sadended by the loss of my friend and class mate. I remember most spending time with Ron and his two cousins at Overtone Road doing what boys do. We did roughhouse some, but boy did we laugh! Those were great times.

    I was always welcomed in his home and treated like a family member. In school we were more interested in having fun than academics, and most of all enjoyed playing sports.

    My deepest condolences go to Rita, your children and grand children. We will all miss Ron, and are better for having had him in our lives. Though he is phyically gone, he will always be in my heart and my many great memories. I will miss you, Ron. Cuz Eddie

  7. Dave Masser

    What I will miss most about Ron is our many trips together and the conversations we had about our Savior Jesus Christ. I was blessed to talk hours upon hours with Ron, who held the same faith and shared the same feelings. After a trip and talk with Ron I always felt better about myself and where I was headed. He always saw the best in me and always had my back. I could never ask for nor will I ever have a better friend. How i long for one more trip and one more talk.

    Thank You Ronnie

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