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Ron Trani, Sr. A Lady Killer with only one casualty.

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  1. Rita

    When I was 13 years old I had a dream: I was standing in the back room of a store. Six years later, I found myself standing in the Trani Floor Covering warehouse. It was the room in my dream!
    I first saw Ron across the room at Pinnochios. I told Julie Williams that I would marry him. Julie knew him and would introduce me, but Ron left the club.
    Julie took me to Jerry’s Nightclub the next weekend. She knew he hung out there. Ron approached our table to ask Julie to dance. Someone asked her just before he arrived so he asked me to dance. And that is how we met.
    I was attracted by his deep set dark eyes and his easy laugh.
    I never met anyone with so much PERSISTANCE. When he decided to do something, HE DID IT. I think “never give up” was his motto.
    When Ron met Jesus he would do what ever the Lord asked of him. We experienced so many miracles, I wish I had kept a journal. He went on 20 plus missions trips, building orphanages, helping people.
    Ron was never impressed by titles or appearances. Whether someone wore a suit or tattered jeans, didn’t matter to Ron.
    He counseled so many people, and they always felt better after talking to him. God blessed him with wisdom.
    We were ALWAYS so busy with the kids activities, the business, family affairs;, usually at our house, missions trips and “the Trani Hotel.” It all went so fast.
    I will always love Ron and Overton Rd. seems strange without him.
    But cheer up several people have seen him and he is better than ever.

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