By admin • Ron Trani Sr. • 2 Dec 2012

Ron Trani, Sr. Yes, he’s going to wrestle you.

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  1. Allison Trani

    I will miss you. Love, Alli
    I hope you have a good time in heaven!

  2. Samantha Trani

    Samantha : I hope you have a great day in heaven. I will miss you and I will see you later. Why do you always want to wrestle me?

  3. Ethan

    Ethan. (8 years old) Dear Grandpa I hope you had a great life. I remember when you had a sandwich with a lot of bread that our maid made for you when you visited us in Thailand. I hope you spent your life well and had good times in life. I will miss you and I will see you in my mind in heaven I will visit you when ever I want to.

  4. Katie Simony

    Sometimes, it’s not about how someone has left this earth, but how they lived their life while they were here. This is my Grandpa. Grandpa Ronald Gordon Trani. He was an amazing person, who had a HUGE impact on countless lives. He was a dad, who had raised amazing children. He was the best grandpa anyone could ask for. He was a basketball legend. He served in the armed forces and fought for your freedom. He was a successful business man and a wonderful husband to my Grandma Rita. He was extremely religious and never lost faith in The Lord. And maybe that’s why The Lord took my Grandpa back. November 30, 2012, Grandpa went back home. I have yet to see him again. He was always so proud of me and all of my family. Never once would he miss an event. It was unelievable how proud he was of us. I would always look up in the stands or the crowd and I could bet my life that he would be there. Now, I’m just waititing to see his handsome face again. I know he won’t miss any more games. I know he will ALWAYS be watching over and protecting me. :) I love you Grandpa. Rest easy Big Ron

  5. Katie Simony

    Hey Grandpa! Sorry I haven’t been able to go see you. I’ve been pretty busy with Volleyball and school, and now basketball season is starting! I wish you could come watch me, just one more time. I’ve gotten a lot better! Thank you for coming to all of my games though. You were always at my games supporting me. Back when you still lived at home, and I was outside playing basketball, you would come out and give me a few pointers. I know that everyone thinks that my only memories of you are when you were sick, but that not the case. I would always go over to your house and dust, and you would tell me stories about you when you played basketball in the army. You told stories about being in the army. You would always give me good advice and help me. You always loved me and you were always proud of me. People think I don’t remember, but I do. I may have been young, but I remember we were close, super close. You were always supporting me in all of my sports, and everything else. I don’t think anyone knows that we were actually very close. I always think back on how you were, and know that you’re still the same exact person, just sort of confused. Bit I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for always being proud of me and supporting me. Thank you for always being such a big, and great impact on my life. I’m still praying for you to snap out of this. I love you so much Grandpa. God Bless. I love You!! Love, “Katie – Pooh”

  6. Bryce Simony

    My basketball team is 7-0. Every time I play I think of you. I wish you could go to my games. I have been playing really good. I remember when you use to wrestle with us and how fun it use to be back when we were little. Also, I remember you taking us out to loaf n jug after we helped you work in the garden or shop. I think I have your basketball skills getting rebounds and being big. You have encouraged me to play better. I love you and we will all miss you.

  7. Derek Simony

    I feel bad that you aren’t doing well. I miss you. I hope you start feeling better. I started basketball and I’m pretty good. Thanks for being a great grandpa.

  8. Blake Simony

    I’m really sorry this all had to happen to you. It isn’t fair to be pulled out of regular life as early as you were. It has been a struggle for the whole family, but we all pull through for you. I hope you can finally be at peace after all the time wated with Alzheimer’s. I remember only a little from before everything happened. I just hope that my last memories of you aren’t of the disease. Just keep moving forward.

  9. Allison Trani (6)

    I wish you were here.We had so many
    awesome times.I miss you so so so so much.
    I wish you could be here to selebrate your and my birthday. It would be so much fun!If I could have one wish it would be to let you stay whith me and every one else in are family.It would be so so much fun!I Every day you will see me and we will have so much fun!LOVE,Allison H. Trani

  10. Cole Trani

    Hey Grandpa. I miss you. I hope you have a great time in heaven.

  11. Al Tekavec

    Ron, you are one of my heroes learning to play football with you as a leader was a life changer.

    To Ron’s family
    God has given all a very brief time with a great man. But Gods’ truth a promise is the eternity we can all share

  12. Jonah Trani

    Hey Grandpa Ron, although that you have passed away, you were and will always be my idol. Along as being a big motivator in general, you seemed to be very interested in me playing basketball. Now all I think about in the beginning of games is you. I will miss you.


  13. Christy Ruppel

    I was very sorry to hear about you going to heaven so soon. From looking at this site, I could see how loved and treasured you were and always will be. I could also see all of the people that you loved and treasured, and now you will be able to watch over them forever.

    I had the privilege of knowing you for just a short amount of time. I will never forget you and the time that I spent with you. May God bless you and your family!

    Always your buddy,

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